Frontline Maritime Ltd

Frontline maritime ltd was established in Piraeus, Greece in 1995 as a Law of 89 Greek co. to serve as a brokerage house its worldwide clients in the Dry Bulk sector. Frontline has succeeded in becoming one of the most leading brokerage houses in Greece with strong business presence in the areas of Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Late ninties established an operating arm in order to execute a C.O.A. of 5 million tons of bulk cement and aggregates and this lasted for 4 successful years till 2006 when the General shipping services established as Operating company. Thereafter Frontline became the chartering arm of General shipping services and Oceangate.

Our Dry Chartering department is composed of experienced personnel and remains one of the most active entities in the Greek market. Our company also maintains for the past 25 years close relations with major shipping companies , freight traders, operators and Charterers all around the world concluding with them contracts of affreightment and period requirements.



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