The Chartering Department is the cornerstone of General Shipping Services core business and plays a significant role in the success of the company.

Our team of expert Charterers are the best in their field; the ability to accurately place the exact vessel with the exact cargo ensures the continued employment of our time charter vessels. They are intimately involved in the core processes and strategic planning along with management. Customer-oriented allocation of cargo to the respective vessels is achieved through the department’s constant intensive contact with the client and its internal networking with all relevant service divisions in G.S.S.

The continuous expansion of our network of branches, agencies, bunkering companies, port customs and officials has resulted in a high rate of customer satisfaction, thus providing a longer-term of customer loyalty mainly thanks to the implementation of individual/client demands while taking into account the local conditions in every destination/port of call. The primary task of each charterer is the constant achievement to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, as well as optimal capacity utilization of our chartered vessels. The Chartering Department works closely together with the Operations Department around the clock, with the aim of putting together the best service package possible for our customers.


The Operations department has the responsibility of notifying the Captain of the vessels all aspects in regards to cargo and scheduled voyages. They negotiate worldwide with agents and stevedoring enterprises on port call, loading and discharging costs. All loading and discharge of various types of cargo is handled in direct cooperation with the stowage planner and port Captains. The Operations Department directly monitors the proper and professional loading, stowage and discharge procedures on site. Our operators calculate the fuel consumption and plan the route of the voyage, taking into consideration bunker prices, canal dues, miles per ton and duration of the journey. The ordering of the fuel and bunkering of vessels are carried out/organized according to their calculations.