Shipping routes:

G.S.S main routes are ASF:

South America to: Far East, Red Sea, Europe and Med.

Arabian Gulf to: Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, U.S. Gulf, W. Africa, E.C.S.A. and China.

Australia to: Red Sea

Black Sea to: E. Med and Red Sea.

Far East to: Arabian Gulf and Continent.

Currently running COA’s:

(I) Bulk fertilizers from Arabian Gulf to Indian Ocean, Far East, South Africa, U.S. Gulf, Africa, ECSA. (II) Bulk Grains from S. America and Australia to Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Far East and Arabian Gulf.

(II) Bulk fertilizers from Far East to Arabian gulf and Continent

(III) Bulk cement from the Far East to West Africa and the Persian Gulf

(IV) Bulk fertilizers from the Mediterranean to the East Coast of South America

(V) Bulk grains from the Black Sea to the East Mediterranean and Red sea

(VI) Bulk and bagged sugar from South America to the Black Sea and Arabian Gulf.

(VII) Steels and generals from the Far East to the Persian Gulf.